Philadelphia Classic


Ziwen Hou is the leader of PClassic. He is a senior studying Computer Science with a minor in Data Science. Aside from coding, he also enjoys playing video games and watching shows. His other hobbies will always fluctuate, which includes learning how to draw and learning how to play piano. Though his interests are not always the same, he like to push forward to learn new things and try new experiences!
Meggie Cheng is a senior in Digital Media Design in SEAS. She was born in NYC but was raised in Houston, Texas and went to Cypress Woods High School. Her hobbies include competitive programming (did in high school), digital painting, reading webtoons.
Tien Pham is a senior enrolled in the Penn Computer and Cognitive Science: Artificial Intelligence program. He moved from Vietnam at the age of five and attended Emmaus High School. Throughout his four years there, he participated in a multitude of programming contests. This is his first year on the PClassic organizing team.
Brian Chen Not pictured
Vatsin Suchak is a senior at Penn, currently studying computer science and math. He is a TA for a discrete math course at Penn, CIS 160. He also enjoys watching motorsports, playing the guitar, and loves dogs.
Ani Machaidze is a senior studying Computer Science with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. She is from Tbilisi, Georgia. During high-school she competed in several national programming competitions in Georgia. In her free time, she enjoys photography, playing ping-pong, and watching TV shows.
Andrew Zhao Not pictured
Ethan Chee is a sophomore studying computer science. In high school he did cybersecurity competitions. In his free time he likes to skateboard, play basketball, and play league of legends.
Grace Lee Not pictured
Ishaan Lal is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics. He went to Emmaus High School, and participated in plenty of programming and math competitions. Some of his hobbies include solving crossword puzzles, speedrunning arithmetic, playing music, and gardening.
Aaron Mei Not pictured


Stephanie Shi was a 2020 alumni who studied Computer Science and Statistics in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. Stephanie was a TA for CIS 160, one of Penn’s introductory computer science classes, and the Education Chair for Hack4Impact. Stephanie is passionate about design, math, and instant ramen.
Brandon Lin was a 2020 alumni who studied computer science and data science in SEAS. He likes coding in Python and learning about mathematics and enjoys solving Rubik's Cubes, singing & playing music, and making origami.
Pedro Sacramento was a 2021 alumni who studied math and computer science in SEAS. His favorite programming language is C++ (by far), he likes reading, cats and watching tons of YouTube videos.
James Hu was a 2020 alumni who studied Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Statistics. He was on the Penn rugby team. He also enjoys camping, skateboarding, and playing video games with friends.
Eric Wang was a 2020 alumni who studied computer science. In his free time, Eric enjoys coding and contributing to open source projects.
Yingxuan Eng is a senior studying computer science in SEAS. He enjoys mathematics as well as writing code to solve problems from various disciplines. In his free time, he likes to read, binge-watch TV series, and play Smash.
Roger Zhang was a 2018 alumni who studied computer science. He likes to use the computer science knowledge he learns from the classroom to make really useless programs with Java and Python. Outside of programming, he enjoys playing guitar hero and hanging out with friends.
Erik Zhao was a 2019 alumni who studied computer science and robotics in SEAS. In his free time, he enjoys ice skating, crosswording, and playing strategy games.