Philadelphia Classic

PClassic 2015 Spring Summary

PClassic happened this spring, on March 21st, 2015. It grew to its largest size yet for a spring contest, with around 180 students on 55 teams from over 15 schools. Participants came from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia!

The top 3 teams this year in the Standard division were:
1) Unaffiliated from Virginia, 9/9 correct - Matthew Savage, Danial Hussain, Hyo Won Kim, Samuel Hsiang
2) Stuyvesant High School, 7/9 correct - Calvin Lee, Gideon Leeper
3) Unaffiliated from Virginia 7/9 correct - Lalit Varada, Samuel Kim, Rajat Khanna, Haoyuan Sun
4) Unaffiliated from Virginia 7/9 correct - Jason Lam, Charles Zhao, Kevin Geng, Lawrence Wang

Honorable mention to three other teams who also solved 7 problems correctly:
Montgomery Blair - Noah Singer, Arman Siddique, Andrew Komo, Anish Senapati
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South - Anurag Bakshi, Kevin Li, Bill Huang, Anish Visaria
Conestoga High School - Dennis Lee, Jeffrey Huang, Michael Tao, Narahari Bharadwaj

The top 2 Novice teams were:
1) Unaffiliated from Virginia - Cecelia Chu, Hayun Chong, William Xu, Landon Chu
2) Conestoga High School - Jason Tu, Orion Forowycz, Aaron Lee

Congratulations to the winning teams! Prizes included trophies and free space on Dropbox!

The complete scoreboard is up here, though the data only indicates number solved; tie breakers were hand-verified during the contest..

This year's question set is online and the test cases and solutions are available as a zip file.
Pictures from the event are up on our Facebook page.