Philadelphia Classic

PClassic 2015 Fall Summary

PClassic happened this fall, on November 14th, 2015. We had around 270 students on 82 teams from over 35 schools. Participants came from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York!

The top 3 teams this year in the Standard division were:
1) Stuyvesant High School, 6/9 correct - Matthew Lerner-Brecher, Max Fishelson, Yicheng Wang, Dennis Yatunin
2) Montgomery Blair High School, 4/9 correct (0 incorrect submissions) - Arman Siddique, Andrew Komo, Anish Senapati, Noah Singer
3) West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North 4/9 correct (1 incorrect submission) - Ezra Edelman, Jacob Edelman, Mahesh KhanWalkar, Sammy Berger

The top Novice team was:
1) Marriotts Ridge High School 7/9 correct - Davin Park, Anson Chen

Congratulations to the winning teams! Prizes included trophies and free space on Dropbox!

You can view how many problems your team solved here (novice and non-novice teams are integrated so its not really a scoreboard).

This year's question set is online and the test cases and solutions are available as a zip file.
Pictures from the event are up on our Facebook page.