Philadelphia Classic

PClassic 2013 Spring Summary

Despite Winter Storm Nemo causing a postponement of the initial February 9 date, PClassic 2013 took place on April 6, still outgrowing the 2012 iteration! Over 50 teams from 22 schools participated, coming from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts! A full list of participating schools is up here, and a map is below!

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The top 3 teams this year were:
1) Westford Academy - Michael Colavita and Alok Puranik
2) Montgomery Blair High School - Samuel Zbarsky, Victoria Tsai, Alan Du, Ashutosh Nanda
3) West Windsor Plainsboro High School North (Team 2) - Ernest Chiu, Jacob Edelman, Ben Edelman, Aaron Weiss

Congratulations to the winning teams! Prizes included trophies, free space on Dropbox, and Uber gift cards.
Of the 9 contest problems this year, Westford solved all 9, Montgomery Blair solved 8, and West Windsor Plainsboro solved 7.

The teams rounding out the top 10 were:
4) West Chester High School, 6 problems
4) Dalton School (Team 1), 6 problems
6) Dalton School (Team 3), 5 problems
6) Princeton Day School (Team 1), 5 problems
6) Dalton School (Team 4), 5 problems
6) Conestoga High School (Team 3), 5 problems
6) Sherwood High School, 5 problems

The scoreboard is up here, and the map of Team Number -> School is here

This year's question set is online and the test cases and solutions are available as a zip file.